One of the many reasons I have a hard time watching the World Cup

I really want to get into the World Cup… but this video is evidence as to why I’m not. Why do you like the World Cup? and why should I? Convince me.


  • Brandon

    Michael, you’re only showing one side of the equation. That’s like showing highlights of kickers and judging American football by those highlights. See if these videos don’t change your mind. Also I love the commentary, it’s so dignified but demeaning at the same time: “Beckham answers the challenge but is not equal to the task.” Makes it sound like you are less of a man just because someone stole the ball from you. (They call this one the tandem bicycle, most excellent)

    GO USA!

    • The first video is like showing hockey injuries… not impressed.

      The second video is in another language… I couldn’t understand it. 😉

      Please understand – I’m rooting for the USA too!

  • I’m assuming you don’t like NBA basketball either. Just watching players like Ginobli on the Spurs will show you the same type of stuff.

    • I hate the spurs… and Ginobli.

      You have a point, but every sport has some sort of “flopping” – it just seems in soccer it happens more often.

  • jonathan

    I was thinking the same thing Trae. There is at least as much flopping in basketball as in soccer and on top of flopping is bad calls. at least in soccer, for the most part, the game flows pretty well all the way through. And for sure, some soccer players go a bit far in their “pain,” but i am rarely kicked in the shins the way they are so maybe its worse than i think… anyway, soccer is fantastic. not often in other sports do you see a good head butt 😉 good stuff

  • Indeed I agree with,Trae.

  • A recent blog about things I LOVE about the Cup… haha!

    AND a reason that I enjoy watching it is because there is no stop-go-stop-go action that there is in football and baseball. 45 minutes straight. one break for halftime and then you’re back in it. non stop action!

    ….and people complain that soccer is low-scoring. can be true, but they create many opportunities – there’s always something going on. AND Portugal won this morning 7-0!!

    yeah, there are some good floppers and it’s annoying. my sister is on the lookout for a player that gets right back up after they are knocked down. the US squad is good at getting back on their feet.