My High School Rebellion that nobody knew about

I have had a secret that I recently exposed to Abby. I had a High School Rebellion. We all had them, but I found mine to be obscure and really not that much of a rebellion, unless you say I rebelled against Petra, the Newsboys, PFR, DC Talk, or Audio Adrenaline. So, here’s how the conversation went:

ME: Listening to Smashing Pumpkins was my High School rebellion.

ABBY: You were soooooo cool. (very sarcastically BTW)

ME: I know. I know.

What were some of your rebellions… did you have any?

  • First of all, not listening to DC Talk is not cool.

    My high school rebellion was art. Although, I became famous with one of my paintings and almost was named most artistic in a high school of a couple thousand students.

    So, my act of rebellion kinda backfired on me in the end, but I still enjoyed my time as an art student in a school that (like UT) is more known for sports than anything else.

    The only way I could rebel more would be to join the Japanese Club.

    I did dress up in a super old (creepy) Easter Bunny outfit and chased a girl wearing roller skates through the school once.

    I am weird.

  • Erin P

    in 8th grade I wore metallic blue doc martins and tried to listen to Smashing Pumpkins….it didn’t last long…

  • makenzie mason

    I listened to screamo as loud as I could. I still do, but now it’s out of necessity b/c I can’t hear the music since I damaged my ears.

  • Jimmy Moreno

    my rebellion was pretty much the 90’s. i was a slow learner….