I overheard this at Best Buy

The other day before home group, Abby and I had some time to kill. Abby (to her glory and credit) suggested that we pay Best Buy a visit. We didn’t (and don’t) need anything from there, but it’s a great place to kill time while also being annoyed by blue shirts.

As we were about to leave, I overheard this conversation by two ladies walking in:

I can’t believe ________ (insert name here because I couldn’t hear it, nor does it matter). She be going to church and then be going clubbing… Who does that??

So my question… who does that??

  • Daniel R.

    Missionaries? Best Buy employees?

  • makenzie mason

    someone who doesn’t automatically assume a club is hell reincarnated?

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  • Chris Gill

    Well, not to sound like I look down on them or anything, but maybe Catholics. The Catholic people I know will be talking about going to mass or Vertical. Then next thing you here, they get drunk or high.

  • jonathan

    obviously not the people too busy doing the thing the bible actually talks about in a negative light… gossiping.