A little conversation Abby & I had last night

After putting Adele to sleep, folding the laundry, finishing a book, and completing a craft project (okay, that was Abby), Abigail and I had this conversation:

Abby: “I am so tired I almost fell asleep when I stopped moving!”

Me: “Why do you think that is love?” (‘love’ is my little nickname for Abby)

Abby: “Because we’re parents.”

I agree. Parenthood is exhausting, but it is always worth it. How do I know it’s worth it? Because Adele will pause in whatever she is doing and she will lock eyes with me and smile. Her simple, sweet, caring smile.

So if you’re a parent, when you feel at your breaking point and you become frustrated*, take a second and just reflect on those simple moments with your child.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that I’ve said all these things without my daughter becoming a teenager.

  • that’s also what happens when your PREGNANT! just sayin! 😉

  • mom

    Love your posts! Welcome to the world of tired! I know that I am busier than when you boys were at home. Back then I thought I was so busy, but I made sure that your dad and I were always around when you guys were home. Enjoy these precious moments with Adele and the fact that you can be at home. I always made sure I left school by 3:45 or 4 when you were here, but like today, I didn’t come home till 7 p.m. CRAZY! I do have a lot to do moving everything into 2 rooms. Just love every moment with that sweet precious girl!

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