Three things I asked Google today

Today I did three searches in Google.

what is the purest thing on earth?

how much does a survey cost on property?

will the wired magazine app carry a subscription?

What did you ask Google?

  • Danielle Valle

    How to send a gift to President Obama?
    How to send a gift to Oprah?

    • NICE. What are you going to send them? (here’s to curiosity!)

  • Erin P

    Father’s Day 2010

    It is June 20th in case you were wondering…

  • audrey

    ha ha, good post.

    Why isn’t Freddy Adu playing in the World Cup?

    … I gathered that it boils down to the fact that he is young and inexperienced.

    • Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that name…

  • S. Wall

    “why” just to see the “auto complete” options. Among the most commonly asked questions that start with “why”:
    -Why can’t I own a canadian
    -Why is my poop green
    -Why did the chicken cross the road

    Surprisingly enough, “why does Criner have a floating head” didn’t make the top 10.

    Gotta love the things we bring to Google when we need answers….

    • Haha… The floating head is pretty funny huh?

      • S. Wall

        Yes– even better if it bobbled and/or occasionally winked. Just sayin’…