Summer Series: Judges

Starting tomorrow at Church we’ll be in the book of Judges. It’s not really a “fun” book to go through… I mean, there is murder, suicide, and God essentially isn’t happy the majority of the time. That being said, there are a couple of reasons why I want us to be in this book over the summer.

1. It’s an OT book and often times the OT is largely ignored by teachers despite it being larger than the NT.
2. I want you to see Jesus in the OT… since He is The Revelation for us. What I mean by this is that we have the gift of grace and understanding because of Him. We have application and implications of Scriptures because of Jesus. So, while we have things that we learn and hear from the Holy Spirit, they will in the end bear witness about Jesus.
3. It’s a longer book, and it’s difficult in my estimation to truck through a lengthy book and maintain your attention during the school year, so we’ll bore you over the summer instead.
4. The application is fitting. There is something about learning from others mistakes that help us make the most of our time here on tins side of eternity.. I’m not saying that we can read of these stories and avoid any hardships, but I am saying that we can learn from these men and women.

So join us this Sunday as we begin our series in the book of Judges: the tragedy of our hearts. (in another post, I’ll explain the subtitle to the series)