If I have an iPhone, why buy an iPad?

I was asked this question in regards to the iPad and its use in comparison to the iPhone:

hey criner, im thinking about getting an iPad…i have an iPhone, so do i really need an iPad?

Honestly, there are a lot of people thinking about ditching their iPhones in preference for the iPad…. I’ve actually contemplated it. But while the iPhone and iPad do similar things, they really serve two different purposes. One is a phone; one is device designed for productivity on the go. This is also true despite the fact that they run the same operating system.

As I said in this blog post, if you don’t have laptop, the iPad is a beautiful machine. I’ve used it to type several papers, blog posts, taken notes for meetings, then able to watch a movie. I couldn’t do those things on an iPhone… nor would I want to. The point is that it’s proving over and over how it is a great tool, and one I find using throughout the day.

This being said, if you already have a laptop, then you don’t “need” an iPad. But, it does make a great compliment to your desktop PC. I have found it to be a great piece of technology and not just for consumption. In fact, if you think the iPad is only for consuming media, you’re mistaken. That would be just like saying the iPhone is only for making phone calls. Hope that helps!