11 Reasons Why I bought an iPad

[This post is long overdue – and I apologize to the 3 of you that have persistently requested it.]

Some of you are more in the loop than others on this whole ordeal… that is my purchase of an iPad. This past September, I sold my Powerbook G4 to a student who is now using it for school. This however left me without a portable computer… and actually became quite frustrating. I didn’t realize how often I actually used it until it was gone.

I was under the assumption that a new MacbookPro was what I wanted and had saved funds for such a purchase. In fact, it’s all I asked for, for Christmas. After Christmas, I had more than enough to make that purchase. After reading several rumor sites for Mac (geek-alert), there was an imminent release of new computers sometime between January and February.

When Jan-Feb rolled around, I was all giddy for the release of my new MBP… but instead, Apple released the iPad. At first I was frustrated because I wanted a new laptop so I could take it around and write my talks for Sunday Morning at First Woodway College Ministry. As far as I can tell, most people initially were/have been against the concept of the iPad, mostly because of the name. My initial reaction was to wish there had been a differnet name, but curious as to how the tablet computer would lead us into the future.

So, I waited for a new MBP and have had $,$$$ sitting at home just waiting to hand over to Apple. But nothing… Then I had a conversation with Abigail about what I “needed” and how we already have an iMac at the house & I have another iMac at the office & in reality, I could use those as the base and then purchase an iPad while having money left over for additonal software/music/etc. that I would have had to spend on a new MBP.

Below are my 11 reasons why I bought an iPad; love it or hate it, this is why I bought it:

  1. Mobility / Portability – there is no doubt that the 13″ MBP is portable. BUT – this is even more so, IMO. I mean, it fits into bags I already HAVE and I am more likely to take this to places rather than a computer (trips, Baylor University campus, office). I always became frustrated having to lug my laptop everywhere… now I just slip this comparable product in my bag I already take to the office!
  2. Less Expensive alternative to a Laptop – are there limitations to the iPad? Yes. That really isn’t the point though. I was in the market for a laptop, but found myself more likely to carry this thing around than a laptop… Because of the purchase of the iPad, I’ve been able to buy different apps, along with software that I was hoping to buy but wouldn’t be able to otherwise.
  3. iBooks – I’d been contemplating beginning the transition to read some books via a digital reader. I’d researched the Kindle but didn’t like the fact that it was so limited. In a similar way, the Nook, while having more features (namely the ability to easily read PDF’s), I still felt it was closer, but not where it needed to be – same with the Sony Reader which is lucky I even mentioned it. With the iPad, I can read my Kindle books, while listening to music – or not use that option at all and use iBooks (which is tied to iTunes).
  4. iWorks – if you’re not a Mac user, you don’t really know what I’m talking about – but this is basically like Microsoft Office but more user-friendly. With the iPad, I’m able to do all the documenting I’d need to do or could do on a laptop with the addition of the cloud. The cloud is that I’d have access wherever I’m at to whatever file or document I’ve loaded to this “cloud.”
  5. Touchscreen – after owning an iPhone, it seems that touchscreen simply makes sense. I’ve even caught myself touching my iMac attempting to get it to do what you must do with a mouse. I’ve had devices that required a stylus and it never felt right. God gave me a finger and I want to use it,
  6. Battery Life – 10 hours!? Yes, this is how much battery life is on the iPad. Reports are that unlike some laptops that claim 6-7 hrs of battery life buy only get 3-5 hrs, the iPad is legit. So I won’t be needing to carry around my charger, unlike most laptops do. This reduces so much when you carry things around.
  7. Pleasure and Work – Too often, if I wanted to watch a movie while Abigail watched TV – I would have to sit a laptop in my lap and let my legs burn with fire. Plus, any time I was on my laptop, I felt the urge to do work. With the iPad, I’ll be able to work on it, but also simply consume media. To me, laptop means work, an iPad means work and pleasure – it’s a big difference.
  8. Sex Appeal – honestly, you’re thinking it. It’s just a sexy device. Recently I was in the Apple Store and everyone was crowded around the iPad table… why? It’s just a good-looking machine. To take it a step further, one by one, people who had not seen it found themselves saying, “I want one, now!” This is the trend, most people think it’s a “dumb, unnecessary product” but they’ve never used one. Once they do, they’ll see it’s usefulness too.
  9. Future – think about it – everything is headed in the direction of tablets. Steve Jobs has described this as a “magical and revolutionary product” and I agree. It was the same with the iPhone – once you go back you don’t go back to your Razor flip phone. Adele will probably not know computers without them being touchscreen. So, this product is my chance to be in on the product that help revolutionize the entire computer industry (mobile computer that is).
  10. Applicationsthere are TONS of ways to use the iPad and once multitasking takes affect, it will be even greater! I don’t need to spend too much time here but if you go to the link, you’ll see the endless ways you can use it.
  11. Debt Free – this is a really personal one, but for me, I’m debt free… this will make Dave Ramsey very happy.

All that being said, is the iPad the perfect device? No. Name me one that is. A lot of people are against the iPad and even ranted against it, but they’re probably wanting it do their laundry… which is ridiculous. It is what it is, and it does what it does. It may not suit you, and that’s fine – but I look forward to using this device as a work and pleasure item. I truly believe it will fit many of my needs.