Will you fast with me on Thursday, April 8th, on behalf of Justin Cofield?

I received a note from some friends in regards to a friend of mine Justin Cofield. Justin & I have done some events together, and I’ll be honest, you can’t find a better guy. Not only that, but the guys in the band are just as great. Hearts for Jesus; passion to lead others in worship; integrity. These are things I think about when I think of leading with Justin Cofield Band.

Well, I got this note and thought I would invite you guys in on the praying for me friend. Will you interceded for him? Will you pray for Jana & Jaxon as the walk through this difficult season? Please read the note and let me know in the comments section if you’ll be praying.

Hi gentlemen –

This is Kyle Lent, from The Justin Cofield Band. I’m writing on behalf of myself and Aaron Cauble, our drummer, to ask you guys to be in prayer for Justin. If you don’t know the whole story, I’ll give you the short version: he hurt his back pretty badly in February and has been lying on the couch for the past month with two herniated discs. A steroid injection about 2 weeks ago has not helped much and he will be visiting a neurosurgeon on Thursday, April 8th, to see what the next step will be.

I (and Aaron) write to all of you guys because we know you are men of God whom we have worked with and would love to have your help and support on this. In short, we are fasting for Justin on Thursday, and would be honored if anyone who wants to join in will. Many of you travel, either in a speaking or worship role, and you know the terrible consequences that could potentially come from this. Justin provides for his family by traveling and standing in front of a lot of people.

No need to respond to this unless you want to (we will be happy to answer any questions). We are just asking for urgent prayer and petition for Justin this week as we figure out the next step. If any of you who are pastors/youth pastors/etc. would feel comfortable asking others to join us, we would love that.

We also know the power of social media. Please feel free to forward this, tweet this, blog this, Facebook this as much as you want, and direct people to our website: thejcb.com, where you can find more information about this.

Aaron and I thank you guys for your support of our ministry over the years, and you receive this message because we trust you and love you. What a great week, just after Easter, to see resurrection.

Thanks again,

Kyle Lent

Please visit their website and buy every CD they’ve every made. Follow them on Twitter. Email the band at community@thejustincofieldband.com so they know you’ll be praying too. Pray.

pray for healing. thanks.