Top Post for March 2010

Here’s the top five viewed posts from March 2010.

  1. Adele Lynn Criner – this is the first pictures of Adele posted on the ole’ internet!
  2. Abigail singing first song to Adele [Video] – probably one of my favorite moments in the hospital.
  3. Adele is sleeping! – a picture of our sweet girl resting in the hospital
  4. We are home and happy! (and a video to boot!) – a crying baby is fun to video.
  5. Adele in her take home outfit – this is one of my favorite family pictures right before we left the hospital.

Can you see a theme? Yes – it’s Adele, and more Adele… it’s been a furious month and she’s about to be a month old soon!! Can’t believe it. We are thankful for the (literally) 4,000+ views of the website this past month. We are blessed indeed.