We are home and happy! (and a video to boot!)

Thanks to everyone who has come to see Adele welcomed into the world. We’ve had quite the time getting her adjusted to her new surroundings, but she seems to be enjoying all the attention. Ebenezer (our dog) met her yesterday and has responded really well. No problems there!

A BIG THANKS to everyone who took time to wish us “congratulations” – it sure has meant a lot to us to have our phones and emails become FULL to over-capacity because of your generous love. Thanks also to the MANY of you who have visited – we are definitely loved by our family, friends, community, and church.

With that said, we would love to have today (Friday) as a day to continue adjusting… so, while we would love for you to visit Adele, we’re using Friday as a ‘Family Day’ (which has already begun with Friday Morning Breakfast). Thanks again for all the love and support!

Now here is a quick video of Adele crying!