Top Posts for February 2010

Below are the 5 top reads for this past month. You enjoyed them once, so enjoy them again!

  1. Three reasons why I justified sleeping in this morning – don’t hate, but I slept in (until 8am) on a Saturday… but I have my reasons! Even my mom commented on this post!
  2. The BEST book I’ve read this year so far – I read a book; I linked in a video; you all seemed to like it.
  3. Reflections from our baby-moon plus where we went – the title explains it all, but there are a ton of clickable items in this post.
  4. Where do you think we’re going for our baby-moon? – a lot of you clicked on this post but failed to vote… quite curious.
  5. Friday Morning Tradition: Criner Breakfast – come see Abigail’s square omelet!
thanks for reading friends!