Great Links / Reads

Every once in a while I come across some things that I think would be good for you to read. So, at your own risk… or not.

  1. Does Your Passion Have A Slow Leak? – a great post to ask yourself if your passion for Jesus and His mission is waining in your heart.
  2. The 10 Oddest Apple-Themed Products – Mashable posted this article and I think it proves people will buy anything.
  3. Top 10 Pet Peeves About Worship Leaders – This is a collection of statements made by people who attend church worship services on a regular basis. If you’re offended by any of them get over it.
  4. Who do you say that I am? – Here is a GREAT post on different people’s views of Jesus… it’s really well done!
  5. 10 Reasons your Team Hates you (they just won’t say it to your face) – ummmmmm…. yeah…. do you?