Most Popular Posts for January 2010

Can you believe that it’s February?! January has been just a crazy pace. It really flew by. So, I’ll let you catch up on the top posts for the month of January:

  1. Why I’ll be less critical of church signs: If God can redeem me… He can redeem church signs.
  2. 5 Things I Learned at Birthing Classes: I ran into “the placenta” at this class.
  3. 5 signs you’re talking to a kook after church: Yes, this is a true encounter.
  4. More unfortunate news from our friends at Preemptive Love: We not only lost Soma this year, but also Teeba. It was quite sad. BUT – there is HOPE… once we hear from PLC, we’ll let you know who will be going to surgery!
  5. I’m very happy (at this point) where we’re headed for our ‘baby-moon’: In a little under two weeks, Abigail and I will be getting away for a little pause before the madness of “baby” comes. We’ll let everyone (all 3 of you who actually care) know where we’re headed.

which ones were your favorite?