Why I’ll be less critical of annoying church signs


Upon reading the title, many of you automatically know what I mean by “those church signs” – you know, like the ones above. Typically, these signs are made fun of, seen as ridiculous, and in my mind, do more harm for the cause of Jesus than benefit. But as I was getting a hair-cut, the barber-lady began to speak about her life story and the troubles she’s had. I did my best to speak the gospel into her life, and she made the mention of her appreciation for me sharing with her where I find hope in times of distress.

And then the story took a twist. She mentioned her great appreciation to the messages on church signs. She shared that in many instances, those signs brought her closer to God/got her back on track from where she was to where she needed to be in her relationship with God. Pretty crazy huh?

So, maybe I’ll still laugh and scoff at those crazy signs on churches – but I’ll remember that to some, it’s a benefit.