5 signs you’re talking to a kook after church

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to speak at First Baptist Cuero’s Disciple Now. I’ll be honest and say that it was actually a really good weekend as the kids responded to the difficult message to stay pure in these lust-filled times. One big break-through for students was to understand that purity is NOT just about whether you have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend, RATHER, it’s about your heart. This was huge.

After the Sunday morning worship service – is when things got interesting. An older man (retirement age) approached me and within seconds I knew he was a bona-fide kook. While this man was NOT part of the local fellowship in Cuero, he most definitely was crazy. I find it interesting that in our church (which is a large church) we don’t really see this kind of  thing take place, but in smaller churches, the wolves come out of the wood-works. These are REAL things this man said to me after the service.

5 signs you’re talking to a kook in your church:

  1. They ask you what “other books” you read or tell you what books you should read outside the Bible. (I think books outside of the Bible are good… but I knew he had an agenda so I defaulted and said, “You obviously have some books on your mind, why don’t you share them with me.”)
  2. They tell you Jesus was a “divine gift” but not fully human. (I told him that most heresies tend to begin with denying something about Jesus & he was emphatically denying Jesus being human while also denying the fact that Jesus and the Father were one, but not the same aka: Trinity.)
  3. They tell you that God is a “Cosmic Energy” – like “The Force” from Star Trek Wars. (I told him that his theology is based more on Hinduism than Christianity… and he needs to understand that God has revealed himself to man in the form of Jesus and therefore is not some “force” or “energy” rather relational and thus knowable.)
  4. They smell like baby powder… lots of baby powder. (Haven’t showered? Definitely a sure sign.)
  5. They live in an RV. (He admitted that he lives in an RV and that he travels all over the place attending different churches. I shared with him that maybe he should settle down –  start attending a church like the one and come to Jesus. At this point I began to look around and he promptly excused himself.)