I’m Preaching at a True Love Waits D-Now at First Baptist Cuero

This weekend, I’ve been invited to speak at First Baptist Church Cuero for their D-Now. The main theme for the weekend is True Love Waits. I honestly haven’t seen this material in years. I mean it… it’s been years.

That being the case – I think this is actually a wise idea. Not that we brow beat students to “not have sex” or that “sex is bad” (because it most certainly isn’t) – but that we teach students the things they look at online/think of daily/lines they cross with their bf/gf affect so much in their lives. So, we’re calling students to purity… and not just students, but their leaders and their parents.

I’ve been given the opportunity to speak to students twice: Friday night & Saturday night. Here’s where my two talks will go.

Friday Night: “Our Passion for What Matters Most”

Saturday Night: “God’s Passion for our Purity”

I share this with you guys so that you can pray. Pray that students will realize the significance of purity and the need to live for God and his glory… for God’s passion is that we do the same.