I’m very happy (at this point) with where we’re headed for our ‘baby-moon’

Abigail told me brought to my attention that we needed some time together before we had our little girl. While I agreed, I didn’t understand the magnitude of getting away until our birthing classes began. During the class, we watched a video and it explained the importance of taking time to connect to your spouse before the first child comes because the baby will need more time than you think – and you’ll need time with your spouse (even if your pride says you won’t).

This being the case, I spoke with a friend who is having a child around the same time we are (actually, it’s in April… so a month after us) and he mentioned that they’re going to out-of-state for their little get-away. My pride was hurt. We really don’t have the time to go out-of-state since my speaking schedule is rather intense now; ministry is blowing and going; the weekends are packed with shower’s and photo-shoots; etc. Bottom line? We better do this soon or it won’t happen.

Thus, I did some research online and found this kindof weird website on reasons for baby-moon’s and I made the logical decision to schedule some time away before the baby came. I found us a place to go that will offer a nice retreat but with the quirks of great things to do around it… but I’m not going to tell you where we’re going until we go. This is somewhat of a secret  I’m keeping from Abigail – we’ll see if she can pull it out of me… but I also don’t want any of you to visit us! 😉