Three ways you can pray for me this weekend.

This weekend, I’ve been invited to speak at First Baptist Church Rockwall and the youth group. I’m pretty excited about this because they invited me in December for a preview of this weekend and I feel like we made a pretty good connection with the students and the leadership. Along with being with them, I’ll see old friends.

That being said, on Sunday at First Woodway, during College Hour I’ll be addressing the issue of “Suffering, and the will of God in the death of Soma and Teeba.” This has been a challenging week for us in our ministry and for our friends at PLC… but God has been very good to us – and for that we’re grateful.

But that’s not why you came to this blog – you want to know how you can pray… well, two will be on the disciple now, the other will be for Sunday morning during College Hour.

Here are 3 ways you can pray for me:

  1. Pray that students’ hearts would be open to hear the gospel and that they would respond to the Holy Spirit’s call.
  2. Pray that even if it requires public humiliation on my part – Christ would be seen as most glorious.
  3. Pray that I would be faithful to the Scriptures; not trying to explain suffering as something that Satan does, rather what God allows/permits/ordains so that we might hope in him.