5 Things I Learned at Birthing Classes

Last night, Abigail and I went to our first of three birthing classes. We will take part in these classes over the next two Tuesdays. Did I mention that they’re three hours each?! Apparently though, by attending these classes, we’ll cut the birth time by on average 5 hours… so I think this will be well worth it. While in the class, I observed/learned 5 things that I think you’ll enjoy:

  1. There were more people in the class who were “partners” (not married) in the class than those who were married… by a large margin.
  2. The placenta comes out after the birthing.
  3. People eat the placenta… (it does look like steak, but no thanks).
  4. I should drink a coffee before I go to this class because it was A.) 3 hours long; B.) apple juice and graham crackers simply aren’t enough to keep me awake.
  5. My wife has a much more difficult task in this whole deal than I do.

What did you learn from these classes?