My best decision of 2009

2009 was filled with decisions… some good – some not so good. I could sit here and list all the good and bad, but you don’t really care about that… right? But, I do want to share the best decision I made in 2009. What was it? I read the entire Bible. That’s right… cover to cover – and in chronological order. This made things a little exciting to read it as close as possible in a specific order… this also made things challenging because I wasn’t able to read the New Testament until October – that was rough.

I know what you’re thinking though – “That’s insane, I could never have done that!” – but really if I can, you can. No, seriously. I had started a blog about the different things you should do to get started on reading the Bible this year, but I stopped because JR Vassar did a WAY better job than I could have ever done. So please, for your own sanctification, go HERE to read some great ideas on how to start your year off on the right foot by reading the entire Bible.