Where we’re going for Christmas 09 edition

Abigail and I will be traveling to Hereford for the Christmas holiday. There’s a chance we’ll get snow… So we’re looking forward to it!

Ebenezer & Jan, Abby’s mom, will be riding with us on this 7 hour drive. I assume that they’ll both be asleep for the duration of the trip in keeping with tradition. ;-)

This will be our last Christmas sans baby… which means I’ll be spending my next 16 Christmas Eve’s tucking out little girl into bed, and then spending the entire night up putting together/installing batteries/praying to patience toys. I’ll be honest – I’m excited about that. 

So, there’ll be silence from the ole’ blog/Twitter until after Christmas. I need the break from the phone and want to enjoy my time with family as much as possible. 

May your Christmas time be full of grace, peace, and joy in Christ alone.