UPDATE on baby Soma and a short introduction to another little girl…

As many of you have seen us document lately HERE, HERE, and HERE, our College Ministry cast the vision to help save this little girl’s life. wpid-soma_3-2009-12-18-12-02.jpg To the right is the picture of baby Soma. Here surgery is set for early January and we’re hopeful for her full recovery post-operation.

One of the things we asked from our students was to raise $7,000 for her heart surgery. To be completely honest, I really didn’t know if we’d reach this goal or not, but I knew that anything was/is possible with God. So, we tried to raise this amount…. well – we’ve been completely blown away by the initiative our students took in regards to raising the funds.

All that to say, our students raised (as of today) a total of:


Is that not amazing!? But that’s not the best of the news! Because of how generous our students were/have been, we will not only be able to participate with the surgery of one little girl, but now ANOTHER!!!!! I want to introduce you to baby Teeba.

To the right is a picture of her. Is she not adorable? (yes, I just used the word “adorable” – cut me some slack, we’re having a girl myself and I’m getting used to using girly words like this). wpid-teba-headshot-2009-12-18-12-02.jpgAt any rate, we are so pumped to be able to invest in this little girl… no doubt we ended the year on a HUGE note… we’re impacting lives for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of these babies lives as well.

What can you do from here?

That’s a great question!

  1. If you have Twitter, follow Soma as she prepares for her surgery and post surgery. You should also follow PLC, Jeremy Courtney, and ME! (shameless self promotion I know).
  2. If you don’t have Twitter, go to preemptivelove.org to find out more about who we partnered with.
  3. You should add the PLC blog to your RSS reader for sure.
  4. Pray. Early January (I believe January 5th) Soma will be having her surgery. Pray that the doctors will effectively heal her heart. Early February, Teeba will also be having her surgery.
All in all, we are just overwhelmed by our students generosity and are also thankful that God allowed us to be part of such a great thing! We are saving (prayerfully) these babies physical lives and also praying towards their salvation as well. Thanks again to all who took part!