Our visit to the doctor and why I wanted to punch a guy in the face.

Yesterday we visited the doctor at the new Hillcrest Hospital here in Waco, TX. It’s quite a stunning place honestly. I suppose anything new like this would be nice, but it really is cool. Everything is new… even the soap! wpid-hbmcext.3-2009-12-17-09-00.jpgMoving on, Abigail and I were sitting in the waiting room and we noticed a very large man with some flaming tattoos on his right and left arm. He was a large man – not fat large, more like muscular. He had hunting boots on too – which is typical for this area.

They had a newborn male child and a little girl, about the age of 2. She was sweet, but full of energy. I could sense in the young parents the slight frustration they were facing because well, she was being a little loud – but nothing to become upset about… at least in my opinion. She’s 2. She’s in an office that has chairs lining the room like a gym. I was becoming restless.

At any rate, as the young girl kept making noise, while also playfully dropping her toys onto the floor, and had received some strong words to not do such a thing again. At one moment the Father angrily said this to his daughter, along with her reply (which caused me to whence and then become angry myself):

FATHER: “If you  go near your toys I will break your arm.”

DAUGHTER: “Yyyyyou won’t break my arm….” (voice trailing)

FATHER: “Oh yeah?! I’ll show you!!” (in which he forcefully grabbed his daughter’s arm at her elbow and hand and began to act as if his intentions were to do the very thing he had threatened her with)

At this, I looked over and she began to cry, but he laughed – attempting to make a joke out of it as if he would never do that… although he apparently knew how to do it. Nevertheless, inside I was angry. Inside I was P.O.’d and I was going to take my 180 190 pound frame and punch him in the face…


I didn’t – our name was called so that we could go meet with our doctor. But I was angry. I didn’t show it… but I wanted to punch that guy in the face and express to Abigail that I would never do that to her or our little baby girl. Upon entering into our car, Abigail shared her fear for that little girl and we talked about how we will not do this to our sweet baby… so help us. May God have mercy on us, this man, and others who face such fear of their Poppa Daddy’s.