Today has been just a sweet day. Here’s a few reasons why

  • it snowed
  • we made the bed
  • we took a nap
  • I took out the trash
  • USA is playing England in the first round of FIFA
  • we made french toast
  • we made eggs over easy
  • coffee with peppermint mocha is gooooood.
  • we prayed for Matt & Lauren Chandler and it was sweet time filled with tears and hope
  • Abigail picked pecans
  • I played the Wii & won
  • reading the 1 Corinthians makes me think about the needs of our local church
  • finishing up Generous People talk for Sunday
  • we’re buying a new dishwasher today (old one died/leaking)
  • someone gave a big check for Baby Soma… how awesome!
  • we’re going to Austin to buy baby furniture  – how exciting!!!
  • dinner plans with Miriam and Jeff Perry – we have NOT hung out with them enough.

how has the day been good for you?

  • baby furnitures that are made from China may contain paints that are high in lead ~:`