Great Links / Reads

Occasionally I run across articles that I think are worth your time. Here are a few:

  1. It’s Monday. Be Careful, Pastor. – An article, really for anyone in ministry/on staff, but this is wonderful warning for how to approach Monday’s.
  2. Can You Pastor Using Twitter? – A great number of reasons why Pastors should use Twitter to reach more people with the Gospel.
  3. Some Things you can do for Matt Chandler – Some of you may be unaware, but Matt Chandler on Thanksgiving day suffered a bad seizure and they have since found a small “mass” on his frontal lobe… this is a post that shares how you can minister to this man that I respect a T-O-N.
  4. Pray for your Pastor – If there is only ONE thing you can do for your pastor, do this… please.