Most Popular for November

Can you believe that it’s December?! November really flew by – I think when you get away from your routine life rushes by. Below are the most popular reads for November:

  1. UPDATE: Abby and the Swine Flu – here I give a great update of Abby, who is pregnant, on how she handled getting the swine flu and how she’s progressed since!
  2. If you feel the need to encourage somebody, do it. – here I share some quick thoughts on encouraging others after one of the best meetings ever with our college staff.
  3. Now matter how much you might want to know a secret, until someone tells you , you just cannot know what it is. – this is a post about what I shared with our First Woodway Christian School students… it’s also about the Bible.
  4. Is it necessary for the local church to continually try to enhance the spiritual formation of its congregation? – this was a response to a question I received from a student…
  5. The very fact that you are reading this proves you can (and should) read your Bible. – here I challenge the thought that “I don’t like to read” specifically in regards to the Bible.