The very fact that you are reading this proves you can (and should) read your Bible.

I hear all the time from people that they “just don’t like to read” specifically in regards to reading the Bible. I’m becoming increasingly impatient with that thought – mostly because most of us do a tremendous amount of reading every day – whether we realize it or not. You actually see on average 490,000 words per day. That’s crazy! Here’s what’s really intense – there are 593,493 words in the Old Testament and 181,253 in the New Testament giving 774,746 words in total. So, practically speaking – if you read every word you saw, in two days you could read the entire Bible. Now that is crazy! Not very practical, but still.

I get it though, you probably don’t read every word you see (I certainly don’t) but you do read more than you think in a day. Just imagine if you counted all the twitter, facebook, text messages, emails, books, and hand-written notes you read in a day. I can only imagine that it would be a lot! This brings up another facet, you enjoy reading… simply because you, me and everyone we know are constantly on our mobile devices reading (or you’re watching the most watched YouTube ever).

So, if you’re one to use the pitiful&lazy excuse that you don’t like to read… you do more of it than you’re aware of. So why not take time to dive into Scripture and listen to what the Lord wants to say to you? Besides, it’s more profitable for you than most the other 100 Trillion words on the Internet (thanks Al Gore).

Be a good steward and read the Scriptures today… like now.