UPDATE: Abby and the Swine Flu

Many of you have asked about how Abby is doing and I’ll be quick to say that I’ve delayed my declaration of her health until all was clear. As of Saturday, it seemed that “all was clear” and it is! She no longer felt the pain of the flu (ache’s soreness, tiredness, etc.) and is just about fully functional now. YES, it appears the baby is okay as well. There was some initial concern for the health and protection of our little girl (still unnamed), but the Doctors (yes, we asked multiple) indicated that since we were well along our way of the pregnancy there was no danger to the baby. If it had been earlier in the pregnancy, we might have been a little bit more fretful.

So that’s good.

The thing we’re fighting right now for Abigail is congestion. She’s had somewhat of a rough “cough” which is not fun (baby or not). Thus, Abby is doing much much better – thank you to those who brought food over and who have been the most gracious to ask and pray for her (and me) during this past week. We have felt very much loved.

Funny story

At church yesterday, Jim Gray our Senior Adult Pastor, shared with everyone in the congregation that Abby had the swine flu and asked that we pray for her (along with a host of others). Well, a gentle laughter erupted from the college section because well, Abby was sitting with them. We quickly let Jim know that all is clear and people could give Abby a hug without fear.