Most Popular for October

No, I cannot believe it either: October is over. That being said, here are the most popular reads from the blog this month:

  1. Abby’s Craftiness – apparently, everyone is amazed at Abigail’s ability to make things from felt, string, and the two hands God gave her. I’ll say this – I’m not so much amazed as much as I am impressed with her. She’s going to be a great mom!
  2. Early Prayers – this was a post I did of a prayer I prayed (and have been praying) for our little girl. We still don’t have a name, for now we’ll just call her “Daddy’s girl.” 😉
  3. Can you sum up your 40 minute talk in less than 2 minutes – everyone seemed to really like this post because well… it was about keeping things to the point.
  4. Boy or Girl? Take the Poll – a ton of you took the poll… 60% of you were right.
  5. No Phone Friday – this was a short post sharing that I was giving up the phone for this particular Friday… so if you called me on this day I didn’t answer and I didn’t notice.
At the time of this posting, 20,376 of you have visited the site. That’s a small town. Thanks for reading.