Read the New Testament in 60 Days

This past Sunday I challenged our College Leadership to read the New Testament in 60 days… the way the calendar works out, there are 6o+ days left in the year. Thus, you could potentially read the entire New Testament before the end of the year.

Now, don’t be that guy and say “quality over quantity. Therefore, it’s better to read a little than a lot.” Yes and no.

Most of us have never read the entire Bible,

yet we claim that our lives are based on it.

What’s preventing you from at the very least, reading the entire New Testament these last few days of the year? How cool would it be if we all just dove into the Scriptures to see what God might teach us through them? Besides, it’s only 4 chapters a day… you watch 4 TV shows a day, you certainly can read 4 chapters in the Bible!! So, join me/us in this pursuit!