Early Prayers

Many of you know that we’re having a baby, a baby girl in fact. It’s quite exciting and I am filled with anticipation over the whole deal. But having and raising a child is extremely terrifying (at least to me it is). Maybe it isn’t so much of a terrifying thing to raise a child, rather its weighty. Raising a child is not something I am taking lightly nor do I want to take it lightly…

What this weight has birthed in me though are specific prayers for our little girl. Here is my prayer from this morning… it’s not long, but I thought I’d share it with you:

Father in heaven, I pray that I will share with our little girl how great You are and how great You have been towards us. How greatly loved we are by You; how You can be trusted in all things; how You will always fight for the hearts of Your people; and how she can fit into your bigger plan by trusting in You; trusting that You are good & faithful towards Your people; and because of who You are, we love You. In Jesus name, amen.