No Phone Friday

Periodically, I’ll turn the ole’ cell phone off for a day. Consider it my “fasting” from the phone. If you’re not familiar with the discipline of fasting, I would say; read your Bible. 😉

What I mean is that any time you read Jesus’ instructions/comments on prayer, it is closely tied together with fasting. Fasting is a spiritual discipline in which you abstain from something so that you might direct your attention on Jesus. You may fast from food, water, people, work, Facebook, Twitter, TV, or technology all together! By fasting from these things, you then use the time you would regularly spend doing those things praying, or reading Scripture, etc. It’s a spiritual discipline, and one I think should be part of every follower of Jesus.

Therefore, don’t try to call me on Friday – it’s “no phone Friday” for me. I’m taking a break from the ole’ phone so that I might focus my thoughts on that which matters… namely, Jesus. I don’t tell you this to boast – rather I tell you this so that you might consider giving something up for a time, fast if you will, so that you might be drawn into a deeper walk with Jesus.