Good Quote

I had a friend the other day say this:

Be defined, not by what you do in life, but by who you’ve put your faith into.

I think one of the biggest dangers in life (specifically ministry) is when we’ve set ourselves up to find our identity, security, stability by what we do. This was never how we were made. I don’t find purpose and fulfillment in my job. Why? because in the end, the job will change… and if the job constantly changes – does that mean the definition of my life constantly changes too?

Therefore, we should put our faith in the One who does not change… Jesus. Yet so often we become enamored with jobs, money, food, and hobbies despite the fact that they continually fail us. You work hard, but nobody takes notice; you make lots of money, but it doesn’t make you more happy; you enjoy the best of all foods, but still become hungry; you pour yourself into your hobby, but in the end either become frustrated or bored with it. But Jesus never fails us… He’s the one who can satisfy. He’s the one of whom we can trust. He’s the one we should put our faith into…

become defined