Sunday Morning Reflections / 10.04.09

This Sunday was a tough one mostly due to the monsoon that welcomed each of us as we woke up. Despite the rain we had such a sweet time together. There is no doubt that students are needing a break and in 2 weeks they’ll get it with Fall Break. Below are some of my reflections from this past Sunday:

-a rainy day carries with it the potential to come in drowsy & tired… therefore we NEEDED the Holy Spirit big-time today
-there is something about not having a full band that caused me to listen more intently to the words we were singing… and it was good.
-it’s an honor to have parents of college students join us on Sundays. We learn so much about students when we meet their parents! 😉
-you want to find meaning in life? look to Jesus.
-I love that students feel free to come up and ask questions… especially in regards to the Trinity 😉
-I cannot give you an owl.
-what we do on Sunday mornings is only part of what we do; praying with students about real issues is so vital.
-Jesus is the meaning of life because he is life.
-I am still humbled and amazed that we’ve consistently had a TON of college students each Sunday.
-everything is connected to God.
-it really doesn’t matter what you know if you don’t know what matters.
-this upcoming week we have “you ask” and I’m secretly nervous… BUT PUMPED!!