Sunday Morning Reflections / 9.20.09

-Baptizing college students will never get old.
-My wife lead the church in worship with one song and it COMPLETELY changed my entire day!
-One of my biggest sins this week was worrying about what people would think of the message rather than what God thinks.
-I love being able to worship with Abby’s & my family that loves loves LOVES Jesus… it’s a blessing I cherish.
-I’m deeply humbled by the fact that students came to church today & they brought their parents.
-Singing about the fact that Jesus has died; rose; & has conquered death & sin… Oh how wonderful this is to talk about.
-It is significant for me to worship alongside Abigail… I’m so grateful for a wife that loves Jesus more than me.
-I have been deeply humbled and moved by what God is doing amongst us.
-Telling students to not idolize their parents is EASY. Telling parents to not idolize their children is much more difficult.
-When Jesus calls a man, he calls him to come & die… end of story.
-We multiplied our small groups this week – that’s pretty cool.
-Got to see some students from our first year at Woodway – we will not forget their influence and impact on us and this church.
-2 girls came up to me today and said they wanted to go to N. Africa over Spring Break… ummmm… AWESOME!
-Jesus says some hard things in the Scriptures… we NEVER want to avoid hard things; we want to OBEY them.
-I love Dave Bottoms… period (along with all of our adult volunteers!)
-I love Jesus more. 😉