Sunday Morning Reflections / 8.30.09

Today was quite a CRAZY day at First Woodway. The craziness really began Friday when we had our Leadership Retreat – it was simply the best one yet… no seriously – it was AWESOME – except for having to sleep on the floor at the church/eating too late/entering into the whole weekend tired/and still trying to recover on sleep.

We spent Friday night worshiping & praying together. UNbelievable time (IMO). Saturday was filled with details/planning & recovery. It was a sweet time.

Below are some of my reflections on this morning at College Hour:

-We wouldn’t be where we’re at w/o our Leadership doing what God has called them to do… LEAD.
-Ummm… When you say “FREE lunch” students come out in droves… who wouldn’t want that?
-Greg Foster & Band have done an amazing job leading us in worship through song every Sunday thus far – they need a CD or something so I can take it w/ me throughout the week.
-Having a band on Sunday mornings totally enhances what we’re doing & where we’re going to go this year in our ministry.
-We had to BRING in almost 100 additional chairs into the room – these were extra chairs due to the amount of people in College Hour.
-My wife is AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE her & her servant spirit… Sundays would not be the same w/o her.
-Just b/c you’re in a small group doesn’t mean you’re growing – it just means you’re in the best position to grow.
-Having adults serve in our ministry is so cool!
-I love that students want to stay & help clean up after a lunch… proves their servanthood.
-We want to pray expectant prayers.
-Small Groups are about your sanctification.
-You cannot do life alone.
-Understanding progressive sanctification is becoming more & more important for college students than ever.
-Could we please bring back Arrested Development?!
-Our volunteers ROCKED it… AGAIN.
-I was almost in tears laughing at the small group leaders “special talents”
-I was crying during worship as 300+ students sang w/ everything they had to Jesus… defining moment for sure.
-BTW – this is the LARGEST amount of people in College Hour at First Woodway… in 8 yrs. BLOW YOUR SOCKS AWESOME.
-I think I quoted more movies today than I have ever. Ha!
-Large cannons are cool; & so is He-Man.
-Critical Mass is the beginning of a movement.
-Any time you have the FULL support of your Senior Pastor, the table will be set for success.
-At some point you have to grow up… & today our ministry gre up.

I’m so looking forward to this next week. Brett Gibson will be speaking & I’m totally pumped that he gets to share his vision for missons this upcoming year.