Leadership Retreat

We would love for you to be praying for us this weekend. When I say us, I mean the Leadership of our College Ministry. We’re going to be praying together; playing together; & they’ll hear my heart for this upcoming year…

We’ve developed a little booklet for our leadership; it’s called the Sherpa which I think is a ROCKING title that I didn’t come up with. Sherpas are traditionally people of Tibetan descent living on the southern side of the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal and Sikkim. In modern times Sherpas have achieved world renown as expert guides on Himalayan mountaineering expeditions. We want our Leadership to be Sherpa’s for the College Ministry… they’re to be guides for their peers using their gifts and experiences to lead others to new and exciting places.

This quote in the book keeps ringing in my head over and over (hence the ringing):

“Don’t rely too much on labels, for too often they are fables.” – C.H. Spurgeon

ALSO – there is the FREAKING HUGE announcement that we’ll be sharing with them in regards to our (Abigail & my) future. I’M TOTALLY STOKED about it! I’m way more STOKED about this than I was for our first Sunday. No really. I’m FREAKING PUMPED about it.

[And to those of you who think that the announcement has something to do with Abigail & I leaving First Woodwaydon’t be a hater – that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are just some BIG things we’re planning for this upcoming year – ESPECIALLY during Spring Break. It’s going to be AWESOME!]