Great Links/Reads this week

Jay Hardwick does a great job in this post in explaining what happened at the SBC and the misinformation that followed during the actual convention.  The post is entitled, “Every Family Has a Crazy Uncle” and it is well worth your time if you’re young, and in ministry.

Steven A McKinion writes a blog that might give some of you young Baptist boys some perspective in regards to the SBC & it’s future… we’re more like the past than we think.

Tony Morgan shares some GREAT points if you’re struggling with your boss – (FYI: I am not particularly, but Tony shares some REALLY helpful tips in dealing with people in general).

Preemptive Love Coalition did a little post of some of their Summer Interns.  I’m pretty pumped to say that half of these interns are from our church.  Such a blessing.  You should give money to them RIGHT NOW in support of heart surgeries.  Read more about it HERE.

Here are a couple of Timely Tees I was made aware of by my cousin Rebekah.  You should add her to your blogroll by the way.