Reflections from Sunday

This morning I had the opportunity to preach for the two main worship services at First Woodway. It was a joy to preach and the response from our people was quite overwhelming. My Dad and Mom came from Ennis along with Granddaddy and Bobbie; which was a blast. For them to come and hear me preach was a huge blessing for me… but I think they find more joy in hearing me preach than I do actually preaching!

Below are some of my reflections from the two services:

•calling people to repent of their righteousness is a very difficult… but very rewarding.
•there is a huge difference in feel between the first service and the second service… not a bad feel, just different.
•when adults come to you in tears confessing their sin, you know the Spirit moved.
•’In Christ Alone’ is one of my favorite songs… no really.
•I’m finding more people every day who love Calvin & Spurgeon & Owen & Edwards… and it excites my soul.
•in the end our very best thoughts will never compare to You.
•having a loving wife is the best thing a pastor/preacher/minister can have.
•having family in the service is an added bonus and joy to me…
•Wearing a sweater on a Sunday morning is a really bad idea… but better than wearing a suit!
•the Holy Spirit is te only One who can turn the most crusty hearts towards Jesus.
•the Gospel matters.
•may we accept our depravity so that we might understand God’s fabulous grace.