What I’m Preaching This Sunday

A couple of weeks ago, my Pastor asked me if I could preach on July 12th. It’s always an honor to fill his pulpit on any given Sunday, especially since he’s been at First Woodway longer then I’ve been alive. (yes – reread that sentence).

I realized it yesterday, but most of the senior staff won’t even be at church this Sunday – so it’s pretty much the ‘C’ Team being asked to fill in for the starters. At any rate, I’m pretty pumped about it since I get about once a year to preach to the entire congregtion. The Lord had given me some specific things to share and I can’t wait. But it’s funny, because if I get to preach once a year you’d think I’d be preparing the entire year – but it really doesn’t work that way. He’s laid some things on my heart THIS week that have challenged me, humbled me, and encouraged me. Needless to say – I’m learning tons.

Anytime I have the opportunity to preach people will ask: “what are you going to talk about?” and my constant answer has been “sin & Jesus.” For some reason, this gets a perplexed look from people and I’m not sure why… what else is there to talk about on Sunday mornings than the gospel? Sadly, on so many occasions the gospel is the last thing people talk about on Sundays. So, I’m looking forward to his Sunday…

…my aim is to talk about sin and to rejoice in the gospel.