Thursday Night Reflections

Tonight was the last night of Remedy Camp. It’s bitter sweet because I love the opportunity to be with the kids and share with them the gospel | but I sure do miss my wife. But, here are my reflections from this last night of worship:

•I love to teach and preach from the Scriptures.
•reminding students (yourself) that sin is broken is freeing.
•examine yourself now because one day you’ll stand before Jesus and he will examine you and you won’t be able to hide.
•despite our deepest weaknesses Christ is STILL stronger.
•reminding students Scripture is better than trying to make them feel better about themselves.
•watching students pray for one another is humbling and exciting.
•knowing that lives have been eternally changed this week is humbling.
•I miss my wife. (this was actually one of my first thougthts when I finished tonight).