Wednesday Night Reflections

Below are some of my reflections from the worship service here at Camp Remedy. It’s been an incredible time thus far with the students. Like I said, these are some of my thoughts post service:

•singing songs about God & his glory stirs my heart.
•asking students to repent when they don’t want to is like leading a dog to water and trying to make it drink.
•so many students have hatred for their fathers – so we must tell them to not hate their fathers rather forgive their fathers just as they’ve been forgiven by the heavenly father.
•the moment you expect God to work a specific way he will always move differently & uniquely.
•seeing a new believer worship causes the angles to rejoice.
•speaking at camps is the most exciting yet exhausting thing we do.
•when you speak at youth camps and adults are moved by the Holy Spirit – you know God was here.
•preaching can feel like a lonely endeavor except that the Holy Spirit is with you… we MUST not forget this.
•students weeping in the arms of their youth minister is evidence of God’s grace.
•oh how He loves us; oh how He loves how He loves us.
•an adult sponser to me in tears: “my daughter & I haven’t been on good terms for a year – and tonight we reconciled. thank you.”
•good good night.