Tuesday Night Reflections

Tonight was a sweet night of worship at Camp Remedy here in New Mexico. Below are some of my reflections from the night:

•asking people to repent requires you to be repentant
•repenting publically is the being a good shepherd.
•no matter what we plan, God’s plan will prevail.
•no matter how weak we find ourselves to be, he is still stronger.
•he is risen & there is great cause or us to rejoice.
•music can only take us so far for your word being proclaimed changes lives for eternity.
•yelling & shouting & weeping with conviction is good… when the weight behind it is Jesus & his love.
•being led by the Holy Spirit is the best game plan you can have.
•seeing kids broken | confessing | repenting | worshiping | & coming to know Jesus for the first time stirs my affections for the Lord.