Why I’ve Avoided Twitter

For quite some time, I’ve avoided Twitter.  I’ve had my reasons (none of which were really very good) and I’ve argued them to the hilt.  For instance:

  • why do I need to update my status when I can do that on Facebook?
  • isn’t it silly to ‘follow’ someone?  I follow Jesus… right??
  • i don’t have time to eat much less ‘tweet’.

But ultimately the real reason why I avoided Twitter was fear.  That’s right… fear.  I didn’t want to learn a new medium of communication/social networking.  I’ve grown tired with trying to keep up with everyone and commenting on what everyone else is doing and where they’re eating and how much interesting their lives seem to be are and how boring my life is.  Here’s the deal with fear though… if you allow it to creep in because you’re not comfortable with learning something new, then you’ll never truly experience life.  And the refusal to try things that are new equates to death.. and a false sense of reality.  So after much thought, I decided to jump in… so, without further a due – follow me on twitter… HERE.