I read 60+ blogs.

Today I asked myself this question:
How many blogs do I read?

It’s a question I’m sure most of you ask yourself all the time.  To be honest, the number is actually closer to 70 but that sounds really really excessive.  Of those said blogs, not everyone updates on a regular basis; some update daily; most update monthly.  I’m doing my best to be regular.

In order to stay in tune with all these blogs, I us an RSS feeder called NewsGator so that I don’t have to go to each blog, rather NewsGator feeds it automatically.  It’s very similar to a Google Reader account (which I’ve heard by Trae to be the best), but I use NewsGator since it works with my iPhone.   I thought about sharing all of the blogs I read, but I’ll leave it to three I added today that I’ll be regularly feasting upon:

That’s it for now.